Over a year of heavy work, several arts (music production, character and landscape illustration, graphics design, web and script development) were involved to create the Reversion saga. The reception was excellent and we will therefore be releasing the game for different platforms including: iOS Devices (through BulkPix, a well-known indie publisher), Mac, Linux and eventually Android. For further information, please visit the game's website!
The Reversion saga continues with two successful fundraising campaigns on indiegogo and idea.me. A new version of the game is ready to be delivered. We took comments for the first episode into account and the game now has many more puzzles, an improved UI and it will also be available for as many devices as we can.
For further information, please visit the game's website!
Reversion's ultimate chapter is almost ready!
For further information, please visit the game's website!
Domino is a board game which involves four players in two pairs. The objective is to empty one's hand while blocking the opponent's. In the end, a score may be determined by counting the pips in the losing players' hands. Have fun.
Los desafíos de Emilio is an application for smartphones with three children games: word soup, mosaic and memotest.
Finish the game as fast as possible to get a higher score.
Enjoy the game!
Viaje al cuerpo humano is a space shooter in which you must destroy particles that attack you. Travels through the body through the mouth, stomach and intestine. Can improve your ship with four power-ups. You can only use one item at a time. Enjoy the journey!
3f interactive is a new brand of 3f, created specially for the development of video games. We took all our knowledge from decades of gaming and used them to create games that make a difference, games that we would like to play. We are proud of our achievements. The team is composed not only by developers but also artists. We create the art and design. We develop and deliver to fit the audience needs. We would love people to enjoy our games and see them become timeless classics. Don't we all?